Hevylite® FDA cleared to help monitor patients with IgG and IgA Myeloma

    <p>Ludwig H, et al. Immunoglobulin heavy/light chain rations improve paraprotein detection and monitoring, identify residual disease and correlate with survival in multiple myeloma patients. Leukemia 2013, 27: 213-219<br /> Lakomy D, et al. &Eacute;valuation de nouveau test Hevylite&reg;TM IgA dans le diagnostic et le suivi des gammapathies monoclonales. Ann Biol Clin 2013, 71: 157-163. For an English version request a free copy of MKG696 here<br /> Donato LJ, et al. A 71-Year-Old Woman with Multiple Myeloma Status after Stem Cell Transplantation. Clinical Chemistry 2011, 57: 1645-1649</p>